Une Maille à l’endroit, specialist in wool, knitting and crochet

Une Maille à l'endroit is the French specialist in wool, knitting and crochet. It helps you become real artists in these activities and offers you a wide range of trusted brands (wool, mohair, alpaca, merino, camel, cahmere, cotto...). Numerous catalogues, booklets, guidebooks with reliable patterns and models, and precise instructions are available to help you create your own knitwear whatever your level.

Knits have always been key components of anyone's wardrobe and the fashion world has made them extremely trendy. With "Une Maille à l'endroit" knitting and crochet become a pleasure!

Knitting classes for beginners or more accomplished knitters are given everyday in the four shops in Paris and Neuilly and any information or advice may be asked for by phone every weekday fron Tuesday to Saturday (included).

Knitting machines are also onsold.